Emma Watson Fakes

Emma Watson rose to prominence when she played one of the leading roles as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. J.K. Rowling saw her during Emma’s screen test for the role and she eventually found interest in the young actress and it was said that Rowling supported her all the way until she bagged the part for the final casting call. Since Emma was new to the industry, she played her part so well as Hermione that moviegoers and critics alike had noticed his superb acting skill despite being a newcomer and later she would be nominated by several prestigious award-giving bodies for which she has won some of those awards. Emma is now in her teens and she is now blossoming into a beautiful young lady that guys from all around are starting to take notice of her charm and beauty that can surely make you grow weak in the knees. And it wasn’t for long that the paparazzi were starting to hound her and I’m sure you’re familiar with Emma’s controversial upskirt photos that were published in tabloids everywhere. But there are some people who just couldn’t get enough of seeing Emma in an upskirt situation and they would want to see her in the nude… and the end result would lead to hundreds of fakes popping up all over the internet with Emma Watson’s face pasted on some babe’s nude body or Emma look-a-likes doing the nasty deed on video plus other raunchy stuff.

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