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Emma and her fake hardcore pictures

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

The fun never stops for the lovely Emma Watson and we eventually uncovered a huge collection of her so-called hardcore pictures which turns out to be fakes and it’s just Emma Watson’s face slapped on some dudettes nude body while engaging in hardcore fucking. One must have great skills in order to lure the public in believing that the picture is real… but again, some of them turn out to be poorly done and in any case, we would like to share them to all of you and be a witness to their personal masterpiece with Emma Watson at the helm.

See this awesome collection of fake hardcore pictures of Harry Potter star Emma Watson as she gets her love holes stuffed from every direction and position thinkable and if you’re having fun looking at these samples, then have a blast by checking out the complete set by clicking on this link and find out more only at Emma Watson Fakes.

Emma Watson’s obviously fake blowjob pictures

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

When we talk about satisfaction, that particular word is definitely out of these guys vocabulary when you talk about faking nude pics of their favorite celebrity. From pasting their faces into those unknown nude bodies, they take it to the next level and now they want to see them… in action! Take for example the lovely Emma Watson and how her adoring horndog fans get her to engage in some hot blowjob session with a little help from Photoshop and voila! You see one naked Emma Watson down on her knees licking and sucking on huge cocks.

Well, personally it would be swell if these blowjob pictures were true and it was Emma doing all those blowjob action but however which way you look at it, you would know it’s definitely a fake… but honestly they are just as hot as hell! See more of Emma’s fake blowjob pictures with one complete set by clicking here and have a grand time only at Emma Watson Fakes.